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The Ark School of Fitness is a strength and conditioning facility located in Gainesville, Florida. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our mission is to make healthy lifestyle choices accessible to individuals of any socioeconomic background. We provide, health, athletic, and nutritional education at a reduced, low, or no-cost structure.

Questions? Call us anytime: 352-448-1676.

Or, reach us by e-mail:

Inside the Gym:

The Ark School of Fitness is a Strength and Conditioning facility. Members of our gym workout together, in a group, with a coach who guides you through every movement. Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, get shredded, or just get strong, our programs will help you see the transformation you desire. The first step to transformation is just a click away. Sign-up for a free introductory session by clicking HERE! Or, call us at 352-448-1676.

We currently provide three programs:

Strength and Conditioning:

Our S&C program is great for the average person wanting to lose weight or get in better shape. We’ll help you build strength, power, stamina, endurance, agility, balance and coordination, while you meet your body composition goals. We employ olympic weightlifting, power lifting, calisthenics, running, and base gymnastics to help you achieve your goals.

Click here to sign-up for a free intro. Or, call us at 352-448-1676.


This program is good for athletes who are already in great shape, and who want to compete in Crossfit style competitions and other sports which require a wide array of skill sets. Athletes in the competition program as well as the weightlifting program outlined below, will be expected to compete at least four times a year, at selected competitions.

Click here to sign up for a free introduction. Or, call us at 352-448-1676.


For the athlete who just wants to get strong and compete in Olympic Weightlifting, we provide the programming and support. This option is only open to athletes who display an extensive and deep understanding of the olympic lifts (the Snatch and Clean and Jerk). If you don’t, but are interested in this program, don’t worry; we can get you up to speed in just a few months of training in our S&C classes.

Click here to sign-up for a free introduction. Or, call us at 352-448-1676.

Outside the Gym:

The Ark is also working on projects to help increase quality of life in our larger community, by building outdoor gyms, and by providing free spaces to perform workouts and get coaching; this is our Athletic Community Project at work. Whether you are following our calisthenics program (our free on-line bodyweight workout blog), or something you threw together yourself, we hope that having access to infrastructure will encourage movement and healthy living in our community, as well as provide a cultural space which is safe, constructive, and encouraging.

We’ve built our first prototype adult fitness park on our property. This space is available free of charge to all visitors, and you can join us every Tuesday night at 7PM for our FREE community class. You’ll learn how to use the equipment and implements we provide in our fitness playground, and you’ll be better prepared to use this equipment independently with confidence. You can look to our calisthenics blog for ideas, or just check out the workout we have written up on our chalkboard outside.

Furthermore, The Ark is currently seeking motivated teens to participate in our Youth Weightlifting Program. Students who receive free or reduced lunch and attend either middle or high school may train with us free of charge. The mission of the Youth Weightlifting Program is to provide a constructive outlet for energy, and to produce incredible young athletes poised for success in life and sport.

Click here and sign-up for a free introduction. Or, call us at 352-448-1676.

Here are some of the services that you can take part in right now:

FREE Community Fitness Class, every Thursday at 4PM. Just show up a little before 4, we’ll be ready to receive you. This class focuses mostly on conditioning, calisthenics, basic gymnastics and track work.

FREE Yoga every Saturday morning at North East Park, at 8:30AM. Meet us behind the softball fields, next to the children’s playground, underneath the lone loblolly pine. CLICK HERE to link to the Facebook page. CLICK HERE for a map.

The first step to transformation is just a click away. Sign-up for a free introductory session by clicking here!


Workout of the Day:

151102: Death by Burpees and Thrusters

Michael : 2015/11/02 08:19 : WOD


In class:

16 rounds for quality:

20 sec Arch hold
10 sec rest
20 sec Hollow hold
10 sec rest

Extra credit:

1) Box Shoulder Stretch, 4X:20/:20off
2) 2X1:00 Chin/toes HS Hold, rest as needed between efforts
3) Alternating EMOM for 10 minutes: On even minutes, starting at 0:00, ME L-hang. On odd minutes, starting at 1:00, ME Free-standning Handstand Hold


1) Find a 2RM Power Snatch


2A) 4X5 Weighted Pause Ring Dips, 3 sec pause at bottom
2B) Back Squat 5X3 AHAP, start at 85% and work your way up to a 5RM in 5 sets.


“Death by Burpees and Thrusters”

Complete 1 burpee + 1 thruster, then 2+2, then 3+3, then 4+4, each minute, on the minute, until you are no longer able to complete the allotted number of reps within the minute.

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