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Barbell 140416:

Michael : 2014/04/15 22:03 : WOD


Clean and Jerk 76x1x3

Snatch 71x1x3

Clean Pull 95x3x3

Clean Deadlift 103x3x3


Back Squat 75x3x5+3 Box Jumps

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Calisthenics 140415: Free Community Class Tonight @ 7PM

Michael : 2014/04/15 07:57 : WOD

Free Workout at The Ark:

With teams of two, 3″ each station:

Station 1: 20 Rope Slams/Burpees (when the 20 slams are done, switch with your partner. The number of burpees you do depends on how long it takes for your partner to finish the rope slams)

Station 2: 3 Tire Flips/5 Tire Jumps (Partners flip tire together, then jump together. If the jump is too high, step up).

Station 3: 10 Push-ups/20 Squats (Partners work separately, accumulating as many rounds as possible of 10 Push-ups and 20 Squats)

Station 4: 3″ AMRAP of Pull-ups (One partner works while the other rests. The resting partner will assist their other partner if the other partner cannot do pull-ups)

Ladies Tire flip

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Barbell 140415:

Michael : 2014/04/15 06:09 : WOD


Power Snatch 80x1x4

Power Clean and Jerk 80x1x4


A1) 3X10 Bench Press

A2) 3×8 Weighted Supintated Pull-ups (chin-ups)


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Barbell 140414:

Michael : 2014/04/13 22:10 : WOD


Snatch 76x1x3

Clean and Jerk 71x1x3

Snatch Pull 95x3x3

Halting Snatch Deadlift 103x3x3


Front Squat 78x3x5 + 3 Box jumps AHAP

3×10 Strict Toes-to-bar

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140411: Let’s Get Jacked

Michael : 2014/04/10 17:03 : WOD


12 minutes to find a Jerk Max for the day. No misses. No pressouts.

Jerk 80x1x3 of the day’s max.

2-Position Snatch (floor/mid-thigh)@60×3 sets

2-Position Clean (floor/mid-thigh)@60×3 sets


Push-press 75x5x4

Homework (optional):

7X200m Sprints


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